Social Media & Other Stuff

We’ve been posting a lot on our social media pages much more so than blogging, and our goal is to try to blast something interesting about Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes every day.

Some of the things we’ve written about on our social media include prizes participants can win, press we’ve received, special happenings during Pedal for Prizes, and helpful information the day of the event.  So if you don’t like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you’re missing out!

Our website is always a work in progress.  We just finished a press page, and next we’re working on creating a page with information for you for the day of the event and develop our sponsors/supporters page.

If you and/or your business would like to donate prizes to raffle at Pedal for Prizes, please let us know by emailing us at  We’ll reciprocate by providing you advertising.

Lastly, please check out Old Brooklyn CDC’s new Pop UP Pearl website.  Pop UP Pearl will be happening at the same time as Pedal for Prizes, and some of our destinations will be in and around Downtown Old Brooklyn where it is set up.

Questions?  Feel free to comment below or email us at  Happy riding!


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