Old Brooklyn Bikequinox – Saturday, September 8

Old Brooklyn Bikequinox
Saturday, September 8 at 6pm
Wexler’s Tavern & Eatery
4555 State Road
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Go on a bicycle trivia ride and win one of 75 or more bike-related prizes of your choice valued between $5 and $50. Join us for a fall bike party afterward. It’s the Old Brooklyn Bikequinox organized by Pedal for Prizes, and it’s free and open to everyone who rides a bike.

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Register at Wexler’s Tavern and Eatery, 4555 State Road, and receive a list of a dozen or so trivia questions. You’ll need to ride your bike around the Old Brooklyn neighborhood on your own or with a group to answer them. Return to Wexler’s and have your answered scored. Getting all of them correct earns you a chance to win an excellent bike-related prize valued anywhere from $5 to $50.

Plus, for the first time ever, you’ll have the opportunity to win a Pedal for Prizes t-shirt!


If we pick your ticket, you select a bike prize of your choice from a table. The earlier your ticket is picked, the better the choice of prizes. Check back for more information about some of the items we’re giving away. We’ll continue pulling tickets until we’re completely out of prizes.


We’re providing free food, and drinks will be available at the bar. We’ll also be showing some bike films on Wexler’s televisions. Hang around and party with us!


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