Pedal ’13: What will be different?

You may see some very slight differences in this year’s Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes.  Here’s what you can expect the event on Saturday, May 18:

Registration: We’re opening registration a little earlier at 11:00 AM to give cyclists more time to explore the destinations and the Old Brooklyn neighborhood without feeling the need to rush.

Destinations: Some of our favorite businesses and landmarks will return as destinations this year, as well as some new ones.

Prizes: We’ll have more bicycles being raffled than ever before! Watch our blog and social media for updates about what kinds of bikes you can win. We’ll have more info on prizes in the near future.

Pop UP Pearl: Pop UP Pearl will not be happening the same day and time as Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes.  It instead has been rescheduled for later in the summer.


3 Comments on “Pedal ’13: What will be different?”

  1. andy biggers says:

    Just curious if the time deadlines will be adhered to this year? Last year we were told to be back at the tent by 3pm sharp in order to qualify for the raffles. Unfortunately, many people did not adhere to that rule and that caused a very long delay in the raffle drawings. Thanks

    • Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. We’ve received similar feedback from others about the delay in the raffle, and we’re taking specific steps to ensure it goes more swiftly and smoothly this year.

    • I agree with you andy. I ran into the same issue. I am worried of not being able to do this saturday because of family obligations at 430pm….so i am stuck on whether or not i can now particpate if things will be delayed like before. 😦 i really want to do it. -Maria

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