Last Minute Info to Know

If you haven’t read our helpful info blog post from earlier this week, please do so now.

Here are some last-minute details that you should know:

Weather: We’ve been watching the forecast and we can conclude two things: It will be chilly and there’s a chance of rain. Please come prepared for the worst.  Remember, the event goes on rain or shine.

Loew Park conditions: Because of all of the rain over the last week, Loew Park may be a muddy mess.  We’ll look at setting up in a drier location if field conditions are indeed poor.

We’ve had beautiful weather the last three years, and participants have been able to  sit in the grass and relax prior to the raffle.  That may not be the case this year, so you may want to bring a seat if you can.

Prizes: We’ll have around 60 prizes valued at a minimum of $20.  The prize list is still changing and probably will not be final until a couple hours before the raffle, so sorry we cannot post it online in advance!

Expedited Registration: If you can, please print this form, fill it out, and bring it to the park. It’s good for you and it helps us out, too.

Stay tuned for additional last-minute details.


Helpful info for Pedal for Prizes 2014

It’s been a busy spring for us, but we’re ready for everyone to have a great time at our fifth annual Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes on Saturday, May 17.

Here’s some helpful information for you:

Rain or Shine: The event happens on Saturday regardless of the weather.  Right now, the forecast is calling for a chance of rain and temps in the high 50’s, but we all know that that can change! Prepare for the weather!  

Expedite your registration by downloading and completing our release form, which can be downloaded here.  Bring it with you on Saturday and save yourself from having to wait in a long line.

Pedal t-shirts available: We’ll have t-shirts available for a minimum donation of $15.  They’re American Apparel poly-cotton mix, available in unisex and women’s styles. This will be one of the only times you can get a t-shirt. All proceeds are put back into the event.

Registration: Registration begins at 11am.  We’ve increased the amount of time for participants to try to reach all twenty destinations at an enjoyable pace. We will register participants up until 2pm.

Pedal for Prizes is completely free and open to cyclists of all ages and skill levels.

At Loew Park, you’ll sign a release form and receive a map of twenty destinations and a punch card.  Cyclists are free to go on their way to as many destinations as they’d like in any order.  Stay at destinations as long as you’d like.

We will have volunteer extraordinaire Paul Lopez on hand to assist you with light repairs to your bike.

We reserve the right to request you bring your bicycle to the registration table.

If you’re driving your bike to the event, Loew Park has a limited number of parking spaces.  However, there plenty of on-street places to park.  We just ask everyone to please be respectful to our Old Brooklyn neighbors.

Cheating: Pedal for Prizes is meant to be a fun event done by bicycle. We have no tolerance for people who use other means of transportation (i.e. motor vehicle) to travel to destinations.  Participants found to be using forms of transportation other than a bicycle will have their punch cards revoked and will be barred from participating in the raffle.

If you observe instances of cheating, please report it to us immediately.  Merchants and people staffing our destinations will be keeping an eye out for foul play as well.

What to bring: Your bike, helmet, and a lock.  We advise everyone to practice bicycle safety, including obeying local traffic laws.  Helmets are strongly encouraged, but not required.

You may also want to bring money to spend on lunch, a snack, or a drink out in the neighborhood…or a Pedal t-shirt!

You might also want to bring a chair, since we cannot provide seating for everyone at Loew Park leading up to and during the raffle.

A few local businesses are sponsoring backpacks at Pedal for Prizes, so make sure you get yours.

Destinations: Half of the destinations are completely new, while the other half have been featured sometime in one of our previous four events. This year’s event will have twenty destinations.  You won’t know the destinations until you register at Loew Park.

We provide you a map and addresses of destinations at which you’ll have your card stamped.  Some participants have had success using GPS in the past.

Destinations will stop punching cards at 2:45pm.  Return to Loew Park by 3pm and exchange your punch card for raffle tickets.

Raffle: We will be raffling approximately six bikes, as well as many other prizes.  We won’t have a final list until a day or two before the event, as we are receiving and packaging prizes up until the last minute.

Help us move the raffle along by returning punctually and dropping your tickets in the bins of the prizes you’d like to win.

Please remain patient during the raffle and help others be patient as well.  Your cooperation will help it go quickly and smoothly, which everyone would like.