Last Minute Info to Know

If you haven’t read our helpful info blog post from earlier this week, please do so now.

Here are some last-minute details that you should know:

Weather: We’ve been watching the forecast and we can conclude two things: It will be chilly and there’s a chance of rain. Please come prepared for the worst.  Remember, the event goes on rain or shine.

Loew Park conditions: Because of all of the rain over the last week, Loew Park may be a muddy mess.  We’ll look at setting up in a drier location if field conditions are indeed poor.

We’ve had beautiful weather the last three years, and participants have been able to  sit in the grass and relax prior to the raffle.  That may not be the case this year, so you may want to bring a seat if you can.

Prizes: We’ll have around 60 prizes valued at a minimum of $20.  The prize list is still changing and probably will not be final until a couple hours before the raffle, so sorry we cannot post it online in advance!

Expedited Registration: If you can, please print this form, fill it out, and bring it to the park. It’s good for you and it helps us out, too.

Stay tuned for additional last-minute details.


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