Surprise! 🎉 Bonus raffle!

Hey PfP peeps! A bunch of you have already submitted your completed forms and we bet there are a number of you who are very close to being done. So thanks to a generous donation, we’re going to shake things up with an early bonus raffle of this brand spanking new 26″ Huffy mountain bike! 🎉🚲

Anyone who submits their completed form by 11:59 pm, Monday 6/28 will be entered to win this bike and still be able to take part in the final prizes raffle! 🤩 If you still need a form you can download one here or swing by Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation or Sixth City Cycles to pick up a copy.

Let’s go for a ride!!

PS — while you’re out and about be sure to check out the brand new Brighton Park, a new edition to the Cleveland Metroparks Towpath Trail (located across the street from the Cleveland Zoo on Pearl Rd.

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