A little about PFP…

Pedal for Prizes has grown to be one of the largest free cycling events in Northeast Ohio.

Each year hundreds of cyclists from all walks of life attend the event to try to win a treasure trove of prizes donated by local businesses. Local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups have either served as or staffed a destination for the ride, provided raffle prizes, or have otherwise supported PFP since the first event in 2010.

To date, Pedal for Prizes, an all-volunteer grassroots group of Old Brooklyn residents and stakeholders, has organized the event attracting thousands of people to experience its neighborhood, local businesses, and other points of interest.

The Pedal for Prizes model created by the Old Brooklyn group has been and continues to be duplicated in other communities as well.

Pedal for Prizes is also an organizing partner of Cleveland’s Cranksgiving, a bike ride to raise food for disadvantaged families during the holiday season. We have also organized neighborhood bicycle tours and have performed cycling advocacy in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood as well as the entire city of Cleveland.



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