Pedal 2020

Pedal for Prizes 2020 Update:

Pedal for Prizes and Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation have teamed up to bring a no-contact bicycling event to the neighborhood in 2020!

Our goal remains the same: Getting people on their bikes, with the chance to win prizes, by exploring all the great businesses and points of interest that Old Brooklyn has to offer! The event is free and open to all.

Print this participation form which lists 27 points of interest throughout the Old Brooklyn community. Ride your bike to every destination, find the specific letter at each destination and record it on the proper space of your form. When all 27 destinations are filled out, simply scan or take a picture of the form and email it to Don’t have access to a computer? No problem! Pick up a form at the OBCDC office located at 4274 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44109. Once completed, mail or drop off the form to OBCDC.

The event will take place July 20th through August 31st. Ride at your own pace during the time period but be sure to visit every destination. Participants are advised to practice bicycle safety: wear a helmet and follow local traffic laws. We suggest children under 16 be accompanied by an adult.

The raffle will be held the week of September 7th and prizes will be mailed to the following week. We will randomly select forms until we have given out all the prizes which will be in the form of gift cards donated by local businesses and residents.

During these times it’s important to stay active and safe. Pedal for Prizes is meant to be a fun event done by bicycle. Please refrain from using a motor vehicle to get to the destinations. We also ask that you follow the current State of Ohio and/or local business’ COVID-19 guidelines should you choose to visit any of the establishments while participating in the event. Thank you for joining us — have fun, be safe and enjoy Old Brooklyn!


Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes
(Postponed due to COVID-19)
Saturday, May 16, 2020
FREE and open to ALL!

Registration begins at 10 a.m. • Raffle at 2 p.m.
Pearl Road United Methodist Church
4200 Pearl Road • Cleveland, OH 44109 

(For express registration, please click here to download our release form. Print and fill it out and bring it to the event to save yourself some time.)

Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes returns for its 10th year (!!!) on Saturday, May 16, 2020 during Cleveland Bicycle Month. Win great prizes, including brand new bicycles, simply by exploring local businesses and other points of interest in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood by bicycle.

Pedal for Prizes will be held at Pearl Road United Methodist Church (PRUMC) in the heart of Old Brooklyn. Registration starts at 10 a.m. and you will receive your punch card and a map of Old Brooklyn businesses and points of interest. Ride your bicycle to as many of those destinations as you’d like, having your punch card stamped at each. Destinations will open and start stamping cards at 10 a.m. Make your registration quicker and more simple by downloading, printing, and completing our release and bringing it to PRUMC.

Everyone should return to PRUMC before 2 p.m. to receive a raffle ticket for each stamp on your punch card. Each is a chance to win prizes of your choice. Drop as many raffle tickets you’d like in the bucket next to the prize you would like to win. The raffle begins promptly at 2 p.m.

The event is free and open to all. Participants are advised to practice bicycle safety: bring a lock, wear a helmet, and follow local traffic laws. We suggest children under 16 be accompanied by an adult.

Parking: Parking is available at the MetroHealth Medical Center parking garage on Devonshire Rd. off Pearl Rd. Please avoid parking on the 3rd floor as that is reserved for patients and their visitors who need to access the medical center via the skyway. We also request that you walk your bikes down to the street level to avoid any injuries. Additional, but limited, parking is also available at the Speed Exterminating lot on Pearl and the lot behind Citizens Bank off Broadview Rd. just west of W. 33rd. Please see the below map for reference.


T-Shirts and Backpacks: We will have Pedal for Prizes t-shirts for sale for $20 each. Proceeds will be used for us to bring back Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes in 2021. It’s money well spent if you enjoy the event and would like to see it continue in the future. We will be giving away backpacks for you to take on the ride. Register and you get one free, courtesy of some great neighborhood businesses that support the event.

Weather: The event happens regardless of the weather. Please plan accordingly as we know how quickly things can change!

Raffle: The raffle begins promptly at 2 p.m. We will be raffling several brand new bikes, as well as many other prizes. In all, we should have 50+ prizes valued at a minimum of $20. We won’t have a final list until a day or two before the event, as we are receiving and packaging prizes up until the last minute. Help us move the raffle along by returning punctually and dropping your tickets in the bins of the prizes you’d like to win. Please remain patient during the raffle and help others be patient as well. Your cooperation will help it go quickly and smoothly, which everyone would like. Be sure to stop by our vendor tents to sample fun and interesting products and participate in activities while you wait.

50/50 Raffle: We will be hosting a 50/50 raffle as a fundraiser for next year’s event. If you enjoy the event, please consider participating, as every dollar helps us host a first-class event next year.

Destinations:  We provide a map with addresses of destinations at which you’ll have your card stamped. Some participants have had success using GPS or riding in small groups in the past. Return to PRUMC in time to exchange your punch card for raffle tickets and drop them in your desired prize bins. Remember, the raffle starts at 2 p.m.

Cheating: Pedal for Prizes is meant to be a fun event done by bicycle. We are hardworking volunteers who have put hundreds, if not thousands of hours of our own time into coordinating a fun event for the community. We have no tolerance for people who cheat and drive their cars from destination to destination. Participants found to be using motor vehicles for the event will have their punch cards revoked and will be barred from participating in the raffle. Do the right thing. If you observe instances of cheating, please report it to us immediately. Merchants and people staffing our destinations will be keeping an eye out for foul play as well.

Old Brooklyn Pedal for Prizes is a grassroots volunteer initiative organized and funded by a small group of committed Old Brooklyn residents and merchants. We thank you for your participation and hope you enjoy the event as much as we do! 

Please like Pedal for Prizes on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram or check our blog for updates.


10 Comments on “Pedal 2020”

  1. Jim Syntax says:

    Here we go again!! If you’ve never ridden the Brooklyn ride, you really should give it a shot! I ride up from Stow and do the ride. It makes a great daylong road trip. Meet folks, plenty of places to eat, and good exposure to so many small businesses. My thanks to all the supporters, and businesses.

  2. […] Each day I rode to the garden, it was slowly taking shape. Lots of people were laying down weed barrier and shoveling mulch pathways. The wooden boxes in the children’s garden were looking all neat and pretty, and folks talked about the hundreds of new visitors who came by during the recent Pedal for Prizes event. […]

  3. Dennis Reinhardt says:

    Grandpa Cub (40 year Old Brooklyn resident) is so looking forward to riding with the Grandkids, Kait and Sam. Next year our man Spark will be ready. All we had to do to get their interest is tell them “Honey Hut” is on the route.

  4. Maurice Burch says:

    Hi… last year’s event there was a live performing band that welcomed the cyclists back to Lowe Park. Will there be a band at Estabrook this year? That band let me perform a song with them, and I would enjoy a chance to do that again this year. Either way, I will be riding again this year.

  5. Patricia McKeon says:

    Do you have to be present to receive raffle prized?

  6. Jim Syntax says:

    The date is closing in… are we still on for 2020?

  7. Jim Syntax says:

    Ok, all I had to do was read. Will see all in 2021!

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